687 Bearings

687 Bearings


687 bearings is a kind of  miniature ball bearings.It contains 687 bearing,687 2RS bearing,687 ZZ bearing.Number 6 stands for deep groove ball bearings, and number 87 stands for bearing dimensions. The main materials are: bearing steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, ceramics, plastics and so on.

687 bearing data

687 ZZ/687-2RS bearing dimensions: internal diameter * outside diameter * thickness =7mm*14mm*5mm; open type 687 bearing size specification: I.D * O.D* Width=67mm*14mm*3.5mm. Generally, the ball is 9 pieces, and the diameter of the steel ball is usually 2mm.

687 bearing tolerance

687 bearing bore tolerance: +0 to -8. Unit: M.
When equipped with shaft, tolerance belt: outer ring rotating load applies G6 tolerance zone: -5~-14. Unit: M. Internal rotation load applies js5 tolerance zone: +3 to -3. Unit: M


687 bearing are used for all types of industrial equipment, small rotating motors and other high speed, low noise areas, such as:
Office equipment, micro motor, instrument, laser engraving, small clocks, soft drive, pressure rotor, dental drill, drive motor, stepper motor, VCR drum, toys, computer cooling fan, currency-counting machine, fax machine and related fields.