Automobile Bearings

Automobile BearingsIntroduction:
We manufactures automobile bearings such as ball bearings apply to the steering device, rain wiper, fan, car seat, automatic door and so on, fulfills the safety, energy saving, environmental requirements.
The main development of RCL automobile is expanding the scope of general bearing application; improving the performance and lifespan of general and special bearing. They are more convenient for automobile installation, to make the bearing installation lightweight integration long life, high reliability and low cost in total.

Our single-row deep groove bearing will help you:
1. High precision
2. Suitable for high speed application
3. Low noise
4. Long lifespan

Feature: Ball Bearing/ Deep groove/Single-row / Roller Bearing/ For automobile

1. Rolling element: ball
2. Configuration: deep groove
3. Material: chrome steel
4. Inner size: min 8mm, max 30mm
5. Outer size: min 22mm, max 47mm
6. Width: min 7mm, max 11mm
7. Precision degree: ABEC-1, ABEC-3, ABEC-5, ABEC-4, P0, P6, P5, P4
8. Vibration degree: Z2, Z3, Z4
9. ISO9001, TS16949 Certification


Inner Diameter(mm)Outer Diameter(mm) Height(mm) CodeSealing method  Reference codeRemark
82276-608-2Sided dust cover608ZZ
6-608-4Sided ring608 2RS
6-608-2WSided ring
2486-628-2Sided dust cover
6-628-2WSided dust cover
92686-629-4Sided ring629 2RS
6-629-4WSided ring
102686-100-2Sided dust cover600ZZ
6-100-4Sided ring6000 2RS
6-100-4NSided ring
6-100-4WSided ring
6-100-84Sided ringThe outer ring
6-100-84WSided ring6000TTwith nylon ring
3096-200-2Sided dust cover6200ZZ
6-200-4Sided ring6200 2RS
6-200-4NSided ring
6-200-4WSided ring
122886-101-2Sided dust cover6001ZZ
6-101-4Sided ring6001 2RS
6-101-4WSided ring
32106-201-2Sided dust cover6201ZZ
6-201-4Sided ring6201 2RS
152876-902-2Sided dust cover6902ZZ
6-902-4Sided dust cover
3296-102-2Sided dust cover6002ZZ
6-102-4Sided ring6002 2RS
76-202-2Sided dust cover6202ZZ
6-202-4Sided ring6202 2RS
1730116-903-2Sided dust cover6903ZZ
6-903-4Sided ring6903 2RS
35106-103-2Sided dust cover6003ZZ
6-103-4Sided ring6003 2RS
203796-904-2Sided dust cover6904ZZ
6-904-4Sided ring6904 2RS
6-904-4WSided ring
254296-905-4Sided ring6905 2RS
304796-906-4Sided ring6906 2RSThe Inner diameter
double channel