fidget spinner

Fidget spinner

Since the beginning of April, a fanatical “fidget spinner” game has quietly sprung up among students in our city. The “fidget spinner” wind from North America has driven the production and marketing of 608 bearing enterprises in Cixi for nearly two months. Many manufacturers are not only busy with orders, but also continue to raise the price. However, in addition to the concern that the “whirlwind” may be fleeting, many parents and teachers worry that the finger – pointed toy, which is known to be able to decompress, may eventually allow more students to play a score.

Online shopping of fidget spinner

The fidget spinner, a cheap, small, colorful and diverse toy, has attracted more and more primary and middle school students from the early April, and even a lot of students take it to the classroom.

Yesterday, the reporter went to a late class in a primary school in Haishu, and saw several pupils holding their fidget spinner in PK.

In their introduction, the reporter only knew that as long as the finger gently press the center of the gyroscope, and then move the blades at both ends of its rotation, it can rotate at high speed. In addition, they also learn and study several high-order plays from the video site, such as single hand interchangeability, four rotation relay, and left and right hand Ling Kongfei connection.

These pupils told reporters that the fingertips of their fingertips were purchased by parents. Because parents believe that this gadget is inexpensive, safe and convenient, but also to exercise children’s finger flexibility, and even to improve children’s concentration.

The reporter also searched the Taobao on the fidget spinner, and found that at least thousands of shops were selling these products, selling from a few yuan to nearly 2000 yuan. In many stores, the most sold in the Cixi, the last month has more than 110 thousand sales, and according to the store’s second sales of the best sales of a burst, price between 16.8 yuan to 29.8 yuan, today, sales are around 5000 sets.

On Amazon, the largest e-commerce website in the United States, the top 20 products in the toy list are all fidget spinner (including three fidget spinner derivatives); in the top 100, only 13 are not the fidget spinner, and the other are all.

As the online sales are popular, the fidget spinner is popular, and it has brought the bearing industry as one of the pillar industries in Cixi. Many local bearing manufacturers have also used the production line to produce the 608 bearing of the gyroscope.

“Finger tip top selling too crazy, we work overtime every day to catch 608 bearings, all production lines open up, to produce 20 thousand sets a day, the price is a set of 1.6 yuan, the price at the end of last month is 0.9 yuan, is a day a price ah.” Speaking of the finger tip gyro driving 608 bearings hot pin, Cixi Henghe bearing kingdom of a business person in charge of the head, before the general is the customer order, they work overtime to catch up, order to foreign trade, now they have planned to buy their own stents, make finished products, and then sell to the market.

There is a secret worry behind the fire

A small bearing has risen from a few cents to more than one yuan, and it is still in short supply. What are the 608 bearings that have become the legend of the industry by the past? It is understood that the 608 bearing specification 8 * 22 * 7 is the most common bearing in the bearing sector. In the 90s of last century, the rise of skating shoes, because each pair of skating shoes need to use 608 bearings, thus the production of small and small bearings mainly in the Cixi bearing industry, and the formation of large-scale production, gradually developed into the production base of small type bearing in China.

With the continuous improvement of the price of 608 bearings, many manufacturers in Cixi are not able to work overtime every day to cope with the current demand. Even the bearing rings and steel products for production bearing are also in short supply. It is said that the 608 bearing has become the legendary bearing of the bearing circle in 2017, bringing the greatest fortune in Cixi’s bearing industry.

However, in the face of the current situation of supply and demand, more than 2300 bearing enterprises in Cixi are working overtime to produce 608 bearings, but more than 90% of the enterprises remain cautious about it, and do not regard it as the main trend of the future development of the enterprise. The main reason is that business opportunities are likely to be fleeting, many bearing enterprises in Cixi do not value the sustainability of this round of growth.