MF Flange Bearings

MF Flange Series Bearings, from printers, fax machines to monitors, have room for flange bearings to display technology in household goods used in daily life. Under the requirement of dimension and precision of standard ABEC-1, the bearings produced can meet the requirements of general use.

The greatest feature is that the flange and bearing are integrated. When one end of the shaft has no connecting parts and needs to be fixed on the plane such as plate and wall, the flange bearing shows its advantages.
In the ultra-small bore micro-bearing, it can be divided into ZZ steel plate bearing dust cover series, RS rubber bearing seal ring series, Teflon bearing seal ring series, flange series, stainless steel series, ceramic ball series, etc. Miniature ball bearings have a wide range of applications. It is suitable for high speed rotary, low friction torque, low vibration and low noise products.

High precision miniature ball bearings are particularly suitable for use in small electric gearboxes, motors, office machinery, medical equipment, mechatronics, etc.
The bearings are available in an open design, with sealing shields (2Z), with non-contact seals (RU) and with contact seals (2RS). The bearings are also available by agreement with plastic cages (TW).

How to prolong the service life of flange bearings

Whether the buyer or the seller will care about the bearing life. For example, flange bearings mainly bear radial load, but also can bear both radial load and axial load. But the life of flange bearings is not very well understood. Here are three measures to prolong the life of flange bearings:
(1) In order to make the clearance in the radius direction between the bearing retainer and the bearing ring larger than the eccentricity, the internal structure was improved.
(2) FEM analysis is used to optimize the shape and thickness of the retainer to improve the strength of the retainer.
(3) In order to prevent the surface damage caused by the reduction of lubricating oil, a guide groove is designed in the bearing ring.

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