Deep groove ball bearingDeep groove, mostly single row construction and sometime to be double row, ball bearings are the most widely used bearing. They utilize an uninterrupted raceway that makes them optimal for radial loads .This design permits precision tolerance, even at high-speed operation.

We use standard cages of pressed steel, as well as machined, brass cages for high-speed applications. We also offers bearings with locating snap rings.

 Deep Groove Ball Bearings


Pillow block bearingsA pillow block usually refers to a housing with an included anti-friction bearing. A pillow block refers to any mounted bearing wherein the mounted shaft is in a parallel plane to the mounting surface, and perpendicular to the center line of the mounting holes, as contrasted with various types of flange blocks or flange units. A pillow block may contain a bearing with one of several types of rolling elements, including ball, cylindrical roller, spherical roller, tapered roller, or metallic or synthetic bushing. The type of rolling element defines the type of pillow block.

 Pillow block bearings


Stainless Steel BearingsHigh quality stainless steel bearings resist corrosion and provide exceptional hardness and strength. Grooved raceways on inner and outer rings sustain moderate axial loads in both directions and radial loads. Available open, rubber seals (2RS) or shields (ZZ).


 Stainless Steel Bearings


MF Flange Series BearingsHigh precision miniature ball bearing are particularly suitable for use in small electric gearboxes, motors, office machinery, medical equipment, mechatronics, etc.

The bearing are available in an open design, with sealing shields (2Z), with non-contact seals (RU) and with contact seals (2RS). The bearing are also available by agreement with plastic cages (TW).
All bearings are also available in a corrosion-resistant variant.

MF Flange Series Bearings


Inch system seriesSingle-row deep groove bearings are the most common type of rolling bearings. Their use is widespread. The raceway grooves on both the inner and outer rings have circular arcs of slightly larger radius than that of the balls.
The Inch system series deep groove ball bearings that RCL designs and manufactures, go from 3.175 mm bore up to 66.675 mm external diameter.

 Inch system series

Robot BearingA harmonic gear is a strain wave gear which can improve certain characteristics compared to traditional gearing systems, It is very commonly implemented in robotics today and used in aerospace as well, for gear reduction but may also be used to increase rotational speed, or for differential gearing.

One part called wave generator is very important. The wave generator is made up of two separate parts: an elliptical disk called a wave generator plug and an outer ball bearing.

 Robot Bearing


Automobile BearingsWe manufactures automobile bearings such as ball bearings apply to the steering device, rain wiper, fan, car seat, automatic door and so on, fulfills the safety, energy saving, environmental requirements.

The main development of our automobile is expanding the scope of general bearing application; improving the performance and lifespan of general and special bearing. They are more convenient for automobile installation, to make the bearing installation lightweight integration long life, high reliability and low cost in total.

 Automobile Bearing